Waste Management

Enjoy safe and reliable waste collection services in the surroundings of Jakarta and Bogor.













For a clean environment, we manage waste starting from waste collection, sorting and waste proccessing.

Waste Management Services

We offer pickup services, making it easy for our customers to discard waste. We will collect your waste directly from your location. Our waste collection fleet consists of Suzuki Pickup and Colt Diesel Trucks. The waste will be brought to our waste collection site in Bogor. A reporting will be made by analysing the collected waste using standards for LEED and Greenship.
For booking please call Mr. Rex William Taylor, phone: 081 748 106 47


Package 1 with driver
Pickup: Rp 300.000,-
Truck: Rp 700.000,-

Package 2 with Driver and Staff
Pickup: Rp 600.000,-
Truck: Rp 1,100.000,-


The latest version of the Grina Nirmala Waste Management Brochure as of September 2015 is available for download. To view the PDF on this page, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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