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We build Solar Farms and Solar Power solutions for private and industry in Indonesia.













Grina Nirmala Solar is among the first in Indonesia to build large scale solar farms using the highest technological standards and quality. Grina Nirmala Solar will introduce green electrity to public and B2B and assist with the steps towards renewable energy of the “Green Sector Communities” in Indonesia’s development.

Solar Farms

Solar Electricity for the Industry

High Efficiency Solar Modules

Indonesia´s need for Renewable Energy

With electricity consumption forecast to more than double by 2025, the energy demand in Indonesia is greater than ever. To boost national power output and control carbon emissions in the expanding power sector, the Indonesian government has introduced a number of measures to diversify supplies and promomote the development of alternative sources of energy. The National Energy Policy, adopted by the House of Representatives in January 2014, foresees renewable sources will meet at least 23% of Indonesia’s energy needs in 2025 and 31% by 2050. The effectively infinitive solar and wind energy is considered one of the most feasible solutions to Indonesia’s fast growing energy need.

Best in Solar Technology

PT Grina Nirmala is partnering with the world market leaders to form Grina Nirmala Solar to guarantee the highest professional level of Solar Energy Technology.


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